About APN

It’s All in the Balance

Allow us to inject balance into your day, drawing on the skills of our CFOs, controllers, accountants, and systems experts. Set yourself up with seamlessly operating financial operations, a crystal-clear grasp of your figures, data-powered strategic insights, and all-encompassing accounting services. Let us harness the full force of our experience, expertise, and creativity to tackle your financial hurdles—leaving you free to focus on your priorities and propel your business to new heights.

Our Story

Founded in 2001 as Accounting Professionals Network, APN Group now offers a wide set of customized finance, accounting and HR services to help small and medium companies prosper. After owner and CEO Ginger Mathews took the helm in 2012, she expanded into CFO Services. We’ve been growing swiftly, on a mission to help our clients make the right moves and become their partner in profitability.

Our Approach

On an outsourced or fractional basis, our CFOs, controllers, and accounting professionals bring industry expertise, sophisticated tools and technologies, and best practices to your situation. Working tightly as a team, we customize our services, to give you the expertise you need. Together, we’ll solve your biggest problems.

Our Culture

We love to work, but we love life, too. That means our firm is super-adaptable in every way—to our clients and to our employees. Our practical approach focuses on what’s needed to help your business succeed. Our team brings the “can do” attitude and loads of experience starting, buying, and selling businesses. We help companies grow wisely and support them through every challenge. We know profits matter, and we also know the value of raising families and living lives that make the work we love worth it.

Our Values

Our pursuit of excellence is relentless, as we hold ourselves to the highest standards of performance. The commitment to excellence extends beyond mere aspirations; it is a driving force that propels us to exceed expectations and deliver unparalleled results. Central to our mission is not only our own success but also the success of our clients, as we forge enduring partnerships based on mutual growth and achievement.

Our Alliance

We’re a proud member of the Finance and Accounting Consultants Alliance (FINACA), a nationwide network of independent finance and accounting consulting firms focused on delivering exceptional client service. We love sharing and receiving ideas and best practices from like-minded colleagues, and sourcing additional talent when needed.